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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need a ticket? 

Yes, everyone in your group will need a ticket to be allowed to enter. Please do not come to site without one. (2 and under are free). 


Are dogs allowed?

I am afraid we can’t welcome dogs.


Are there toilets?

Yes, there is a portable toilet and a disabled portable toilet. We will be checking them regularly but please bring your own hand sanitizer too.


Do you take cash or card?

We accept both.


How much are children?

Children 2 and under are free. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. As we are a working farm, please do not let children wander the farm and keep them with you.


What should I wear?

Please dress appropriately. The pumpkins are grown in a field and this is where you pick them from – it will be muddy! Please dress for the weather, there is limited shelter.


Is there food?

Yes, there will be food and drinks available to purchase. Please dispose of all rubbish in bins provided.


Can we bring our own food?

You can but please make sure all rubbish is put in bins.


Is the site suitable for a pushchair?

We are a working farm and so the field is uneven. We would recommend using a baby sling not a buggy.


Do you pay for parking?

No, parking is free but cars are left at their owners risk.


What if the weather is bad?

In extreme circumstances of bad weather we may need to close for Health and Safety. Please check our social channels or website before leaving home. We will always endeavour to email anyone affected too.

What prices are the pumpkins? 

The pumpkins are priced depending on their size, starting at £1. We will have pricing boards, which hole they fit in are the price!

Do you have wheelbarrows? 

Yes, there are wheelbarrows to borrow or you can bring your own. 

Is there mud?

Yes, there will be mud. They are grown in the field you pick them from. Please bring bags or line your boot if you don't want your car to get  muddy. 

How to store pumpkins? 

Make sure the skin has no imperfections, is clean of all mud etc and keep it somewhere cool and dry. They can be stored for months. 


Important notice.

We take no responsibility for any accidental loss or damage to personal effects, or any injuries or accidents to visitors, arising from or in connection with exploring the maze or sunflowers, or using the bridge or the equipment in the play patch.

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